Who we are

Owned by Phillip Conradie, African Wildlife Photo Safaris is an outdoor adventure company specializing in personalized nature & wildlife safaris. Our tours are geared for professional photographers, researchers, botanists and film makers and always include theme or organism-specific requirements. Our specific interests and fields of specialty are wildlife, animal behavior, herpetology, botany, nature viewing, birding, African culture and photographic tours.

We believe in spending unhurried, fun-filled, quality time in the bush, never chasing deadlines, with a guarantee to keep you in awe.

We operate throughout the whole of southern Africa, including the magical Kalahari region of South Africa, Botswana, the Luangwa Valley in Zambia and Namibia.







We have traveled extensively, both guiding and as tourists. We have visited Brazil, Venezuela, French Guiana, the Amazon, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas, Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand, Mauritius, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Pemba and many regions of the USA.

We are properly rated by South African Tourism and other local organizations and carry solid insurance for any eventuality. We have Specialized  Guide certification and interesting nature backgrounds. We are qualified in Overland Travel, Off-Road Driving, Leadership, Wild Animal Behaviour and First Aid – this is to ensure your safety at all times.


Our depth of experience ensures your safe passage even through the most remote areas in our search of the Ultimate Safari Experience. We have traveled southern Africa extensively and would love to share our affection of this special place with you!


What people say about us
Emanuele Biggi  - Italy  http://www.anura.it/   on Facebook:

There are guides and Guides... this one in these images is one the great ones! Passionate about nature, photography and its own work, always ready and on time, really present when needed and "shadow-like" when the situation requests it, smart enough to understand people's moods, comfortable with both nature-maniacs (like me) and soft nature likers. If you'll ever go to Africa for a guided tour, this is the man: Phillip Conradie

Francesco Tomasinelli - Italy -  http://www.isopoda.net/  ,  www.alpsnatimages.com on SafariBookings.com 5/5

I work as biologist and photographer and I have been to South Africa and Namibia with Phillip already a number of times. He offers a very good service for a reasonable price, but most of all, he's very knowledgeable and enthusiastic! He finds the species I want to see: plants, animals, even unusual bugs. He is my first choice for all my trips in this part of Africa.

Andrea Ferrari   http://animamundimag.com/ 

Been thinking a lot - and came to the conclusion that for a variety of reasons our trips with you - out of all the ones we do all over the world - really are the most suitable, most enjoyable and most productive of all. You got yourself two faithful customers (and two good friends, but that you knew already).


Jeffrey van Daele - Starling Reizen Belgium

We can be proud of our trip. Our guests can’t stop talking about it and when I see other photographers they congratulate us on the great results the group has. Even Billy sent me a text in the middle of the night, congratulating us with the great results. It’s a great feeling! Namibia was a success, again…thank you for that! I really, really look forward to April.

Kind regards,



www.jeffreyvandaele.com |www.starlingreizen.be

True African Experience


Rating by Desna on SafariBookings.com
I completed this "out of this world" 12 day Safari trip to Namibia with a formidable guide named Phillip Conradie. He came highly recommended from a friend that had done the same trip earlier on. Well, he didn't disappoint! It felt like I was on a National Geographic or Discovery Travel trip. Phillip's in-depth knowledge on the animal and bird life is something that you can only dream of and I mention this because I have been on a couple of safari's before where I actually knew more than my guide. There was so much that I wanted to see on this trip and from the first day it became obvious that my dreams were going to become reality. The right balance of a true safari experience in this rugged environment was just magnificent. By day 5 Phillip found us - a rare experience - the much talked about, desert adapted elephants that were trekking through the mountains. I cannot explain what it felt like to see this herd, with babies, on the way to find water. The bird watching, if you are into that, will not disappoint. Once again, the experience that Phillip has will excite event the most experienced of nature lovers, photographers and bird watchers out there. He took his time and stopped so that we could all get the photo's that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Whatever we asked of Phillip, he produced. And more. The accommodation that Phillip organised throughout our entire trip was a true reflection of Africa and the little luxuries it has to offer. He had a personal relationship with the lodge owners which made our stay even more memorable. All I can say is, that if you haven't done this tour yet, you should add this to your bucket list!

Sue - USA   Phillip, Thanks for everything, especially the early mornings tea when it wasn’t provided!

Alec & Margaret - Australia     Hi Phillip, Many thanks for looking after us and giving us such and interesting and memorable tour. We will be sure to recommend it to our friends and you never know, we'll be back! Kind regards.

Fabi & Paulo - Brazil     Hiiii Friend! We arrived back in São Paulo last night. We loved our trip and we intend to return soon. I thank all the attention you gave us. Made our trip much better and comfortable. Especially for having known you all.

Francois Theart - Namibia - It was fantastic! Phillip Conradie went the extra mile as usual.

Mauro - Italy

Dear Phil, You are very kind to me this compliment about my pictures.
And, coming from you that you are a great photographer, particularly pleased.
Thanks again for the great tour in which you have guided us, and for your company,
discreet but always pleasant and..... efficient! A hug to you !!!!!

Valencia - France

I am finally at home in France, and unfortunately back to the "real" life. At the airport in Windhoek I had not the time to thank you enough for the great adventure that the two weeks spent in Namibia have been. Everything has been organized perfectly and we all had a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed talking to you and having all the information about the places we visited, the animals we spotted, and their behaviour. And I am happy to say that, not only I met a great guide, but also a great person. 

Andrea Ferrari - Italyhttp://animamundimag.com/ 

Hi Phillip,

We’re busy going through, selecting and converting our Moremi and Chobe images - just wanted to tell you that the quality of the photos and above all of the sightings we had there with you is quite amazing. I’m exceedingly happy and we really have some wonderful memories about our trip together - can’t wait to do it again!  big hugs

Noel Vanderlinden - Belgium

Thanks to Phillip Conradie for the pictures and the FANTASTIC guiding in Namibia.
Best team ever - you and Jeffrey Van Daele from STARLINGREIZEN

Fabrizio Viglione - Italy [fabrizio.viglione@gmail.com]

Hello Phillip, I am still going through my pictures, I have still to go through those of the last three days of our trip. Although the pictures may not be of professional quality, I am very satisfied with the results so far: Definitively the best photographic tour of my life! And, the more I show the pictures to my friends, the more people are asking me for your contact information!! You may have some French customer for next season!!

Thanks again.


Giorgio - Rome

Thank you Phillip for sharing your beautiful photos of our group.

Travelling with you was a great experience and you were a valuable guide and a good companion.

See you in Italy for skiing.

Giuseppe C. from Italy on Safaribookings.com

Charmed by Namibia

Thank you Phillip that you have made us understand, appreciate and finally love this beautiful land.
A wonderful combination of scenery, wildlife, accommodations and personality. Thanks a lot.

Francesco Tomasinelli on Safaribookings.com - www.alpsnatimages.com (francesco@francescopanuello.com) from Italy.

Living desert experience

Between May and June i've again travelled with Philip Conradie. My score about this trip, the living desert experience, it's very high, every day we travelled between landscapes so wonderful..a paradise for landscapes photographers also a great experience with wildlife of the Namib and the big mammals of Africa. Five star experience.

Luca & Valeria  – IT

After this experience i am not sure many other places can compare!!! Not only was everything planned out to perfection but everyone was so incredibly pleasant everywhere we went! This was an absolutely unforgettable honeymoon! Excellent customer service! Excellent tour guides! Excellent places booked to stay! We can't wait go back and plan our next trip! Everything has exceeded our expectations, so thank you to Phillip Conradie for giving us the experience of a lifetime!!!!

Luca  on Safaribookings.com

Looking forward for new travels with Phillip Conradie

The safari was tailor made and we had a tour of Namibia for 10 days visiting the most impressive places of the country. We will never forget the "Living Desert Experience" and the Etosha Park, but, most of all, we will never forget of Phillip. Sitting at dinner listening to his fantastic experiences was amazing and we are really looking forward to come back and have new trip with him in the future. Moreover, we had to store medicine during the trip and Phillip arranged everything perfectly, there were no "bad" surprises at all.
Thanks again.

Bruno C.   –  IT 

A journey to discover the nature of the desert

Overall rating  5/5

I am a zoologist, passionate about photography. The tour in Namibia (June 2014) with Philip was beautiful and charming. Philip, with his professionalism and his enthusiasm, there has involved and made us know places and situations of greatest interest and spectacular. I am therefore very pleased with this trip, which I highly recommend to all.

Stefano G.  –  IT

Overall rating  5/5

I'm very satisfied with African Wildlife Photo Safaris / Africa Windows Safaris & Tours service. Our guide, Philip Conradie, is a machine, capable of driving 400 km a day and still giving you prompt information requested or not. I appreciated very much also the "Savoir-faire" with local managers, guides and drivers on our behalf.