Where is it?

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Paternoster is 150km north of Cape Town, about 1,5 hour drive along the West Coast road (the R27) and 45km from Langebaan.

Your questions answered


1. How difficult is the hike?

You must be used to walking long distances and have a fair degree of fitness. While the terrain is relatively flat, the underfoot conditions range from rough rocky areas, boulders, loose sand, footpaths and hard sand.  Hikers up to age 70 (if in good shape) should be able to handle the routes.  Good hiking shoes are obviously important.

2. When is the best time to do the trail?

The region has a moderate climate and we seldom experience extreme temperatures.  February can be viewed as the hottest month. Rain seldom is an issue.  It can be rather windy in spring and summer.  Spring is a good time to hike the trail, with lots of flowers and the whales being active close to the shore. Late summer and autumn is also a good time to hike along the coast, when the weather is more stable and warmer.


3. What should I take along?

You need a day pack to carry your food and drinks for the day, as well as other essential items like a windbreaker, rain jacket, sun hat, sunblock, personal medication and water.

We recommend the following items for the trip:


  • Good, comfortable hiking/trail running shoes or boots

  • Light windbreaker jacket

  • Good hiking socks

  • Comfortable hiking clothes

  • Walking stick, if you prefer to use one

  • Binoculars for keen birders

  • Sun hat, sunblock and sunglasses

  • Camera/cell phone

  • Personal medication

  • Water

  • A small day pack to carry all your necessities


4. What about medical issues?

Although a First Aid kit will be carried by the guide, please ensure that you always have any special medication you might need, with you. The guide must be made aware of any pre-existing conditions prior to the hike.  We have a 4x4 on standby for any mishaps.

5. Is there cell phone reception on the trail?

Being a sparsely developed part of our coast, cell phone reception sometimes is infrequent and vary in strength.


6. If I don’t have transport to Paternoster, can you assist me?

Yes, we can arrange that you are picked up in any town within a 50km radius. Please contact us so we can give you the additional cost.


7.  What time should I arrive in Paternoster before the hike, and what time will I be able to leave?

Our hikes usually start at 09h00 and finishes about four ours later. Hikers should arrive at our shop in Paternoster before 09:00 on the day of the hike. We will transport you back there after the walk.


8.  How safe is it to hike along that part of the coast?

The West Coast is one of the safest places in South Africa and you should have nothing to fear. 


9.  Who will be our guide?

All our hikes are led by well experienced Guides.