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As travel systematically opens up again,

here’s how we’ll be doing it:

1.    Exclusive-use travel (“travel in a bubble”): The real deal or a hype? Either way, from the moment you are collected            at the airport you and your group will be isolated from all other persons as follows:

-       Throughout the tour you and your group will travel exclusively in the same  sterilized vehicle, including game drives           and field work

-       All lodge personnel and guides will be vaccinated and masked and social distancing protocol will be the norm at all           times

-       Your accommodation will be apart from other guests

-       You and your group will dine privately and separate from other guests

2.   Our destinations of choice for 2022 are South Luangwa in Zambia and the Kgalagadi in north-west South Africa.            The isolation and beauty of these places, unloaded travel prices and the amazing sightings cannot be beaten. We will        do Namibia if we must, but due to Namibia Tourism, its economy, health system and logistics currently being                      questionable it is presently rated low on our list. But we will keep you informed.

also consider this:


  • NOW is the time to book your visit to Africa for next year – with the rates attractively reduced and a crazy exchange rate in your favor, it is like buying a share when the price is low.


  • Once booked, the price holds and, if it may again become necessary, dates and payments can readily be postponed without penalties.

  • Also, it is most interesting to note how low the virus infection rates of the venues we visit had been. One of the reasons for this is probably due to its usual low tourism numbers, which is one of the main reasons we go there.


Wildlife - Photography - Filming - Research - Special interest

Whether you are an individual traveler, a Tour Operator, Travel Agent, herper, biologist,
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As highly experienced Photographers, Safari Guides and experts in wild animal behavior we know what photographers want and with your wish list in hand, be prepared for continuous opportunity for unique, inspiring and award-winning photographs

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African Wildlife Photo Safaris is an outdoor adventure company specializing in personalized, off-the-beaten-track Nature & Wildlife Photographic Safaris in the southern countries of Africa - Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, South Africa

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